Can you make my mitzvah or other logo in vinyl or create a custom design?

We love creating your mitzvah, business or team logo in vinyl for party favors, team or coach gifts, banners, party decor, corporate gifts and more. Most logos can be created in vinyl, but we ask that you send us a photo or the file so we can review it first. We also request .svg, .jpeg or .png files.

What order do initials appear in a monogram?

The order of intials is First, Last, Middle for most monogram styles. To be clear, please include full name with initials on the order form. For example: Grace Margaret Calhoun is: For a married or joint monogram, the order is Woman's First, Joint Last, Man's First. For example: Melissa and David Goodman is: If you would like just someone's initials, and not a monogram, you would list them in order of First, Middle, Last. For example: John Thomas Eng is:

How do I place an order?

Please fill out an Order Form to initiate an order and we will respond to you shortly to confirm the details and provide a price quote. At this time, orders cannot be placed directly online.

How should I wash products with adhesive vinyl decals?

We highly recommend HAND washing all products with adhesive vinyl decals to prolong the adhesion and life of the decals. Except when discussed in advance with a customer, we use permanent, outdoor grade vinyl, intended to adhere for 6+ years under normal use. However, please keep in mind that small decals or products with a slightly textured finish like powder coated metal may affect the adhesion durability of the vinyl decals.

How should I wash fabric products with heat transfer vinyl decals?

We highly recommend washing all fabrics with heat transfer vinyl decals inside out. Do NOT use fabric softener as it can degrade the adhesion.

What is the turnaround time for vinyl decals?

If we have your item(s) in stock, or you are just ordering decals, our normal turnaround time is just a few days. If we need to order your item(s), it may take a bit longer depending on the vendor's shipping speed. If need your item(s) shipped to you or to a gift recipient, please let us know if you need expedited shipping, otherwise we will send regular first class mail.

How do I apply decals to products myself?

If you purchased adhesive vinyl decals, they will arrive on backing paper with transparent "transfer tape" on top of the decal. These decals can be applied to most hard, smooth, clean surfaces like metal, glass, plastic, and wood. Decals may not stick as well on surfaces with even a slight texture such as powder coated materials. Decals will not stick at all to silicone. Application Instructions: 1. Clean the surface well with soap and water and then with rubbing alcohol. Let dry completely. 2. Rub a credit card gently but firmly over the transfer tape and decal to ensure the decal will adhere to the transfer tape when you peel the tape off the backing. 3. Carefully peel the transfer tape off the backing and ensure that the decal comes off with the transfer tape. If not, re-rub the transfer tape on the decal. 4. Slowly and carefully place the transfer tape and decal on your surface starting from the center and moving gently outward, using a credit card as a "squeegee" to avoid bubbles in the decal. Be careful because these decals are NOT repositionable! 5. Carefully peel back the transfer tape, leaving the decal on the surface. Use your finger to press the decal firmly on the surface. Allow the decal to cure for 72 hours before using. *To prolong the life of your decal, hand wash only.

What is the return policy?

Please see our return policy page.

What is your pricing?

Because our products are personalized with custom designs, exact pricing is quoted after we confirm the details of your order. Our product pages include starting price points for all products listed. Keep in mind that the items displayed on our product pages are just a sampling of products we can source. If you don't see something you are looking for, or want inquire about a bulk order, just contact us to discuss! We are happy to work with you and your budget so please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs. We have access to many vendors of items at different price points.

Are your products BPA-free?

All drinkware (water bottles, cups, tumblers, etc.) that we source are represented to us by our vendors as BPA-free.

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